Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EM12c: Some interesting new features in Middleware Management with EM 12c R2( ?

With EM12c R2, FMW plugin version has been released. With this release lot of new features have been introduced under Middleware Management and Application Performance Management areas. One can find complete list of features on MW mgmt and APM links.

Out of all features, I find following features somewhat more interesting:
1.    Business Application - A new target has been added called as Business Application target. This target combines capabilities of RUEI+BTM+JVM+ADP. The BA is associated with a system target, RUEI applications and Business Transactions.
The BA target enables a user to see and understands the health of the business application. The target represents a holistic view of the monitored application. It has its own dashboard.
Business Application has
•    Business Application Target
•    Business Application Dashboard
•    Business Applications List Page
•    Drill-down from Request Instance Diagnostics to RUEI Session Diagnostics
•    BTM Transaction to EMCC Target Association
•    Business Application Creation Wizard
•    Experience Monitoring in the Business Application Dashboard

For more details on Business Applications, click here.
Click here for demo.

2.    MWaaS (MiddleWare as a Service) – EM12cR2 cloud management has been enhanced for providing MiddleWare services along with IaaS and DBaaS. It allows administrators to create, monitor and manage a private or public MWaaS environment. MWaaS has a complete runtime env. comprised of all services necessary to deploy and run an enterprise-class java-j2ee application, including services such as application hosting, persistence store, application integration and APIs that enable programmatic access to additional computing services that might be required by an application.

MiddleWare as a Service has
•    Resource Pool
•    MWaaS Quotas
•    MWaaS Request Settings
•    Service Templates
•    Provision and De-provision Service Instance
•    Manage Application Lifecycle
•    Service Instance Scaling
•    Manage Data Sources

For more details on MWaaS, click here.

3.    Exalogic management enhancements – With EM12cR2 and Ops center, now one can see Exalogic Schematic views and manage Exalogic boxes well. These enhancements are:
•    Integrated hardware and software schematics
•    Hardware-software topology views
•    Hardware targets monitoring (Compute, ZFA appliance, Infiniband Fabric, ILOM)
•    OTD monitoring
•    Support for virtual and non-virtual configurations
•    Monitoring of Exalogic vServer guest VMs
•    Health checks
•    Trusted partition/vCPU licensing report
Click here for demo.

4.    Service Target Dashboard - With this new feature, administrators can quickly create "out of box" overviews of the health of related services. They can create templates that contain a group of services selected from the defined services in Enterprise Manager. Any Enterprise Manager user can use these defined dashboards to quickly correlate the health of services, the status of key metrics, incidents and related status of the service level agreements tied to the service.
For more details, see this demo .

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