Friday, September 21, 2012

EM12c: How to discover a standalone OHS (Oracle HTTP Server)?

OHS(Oracle HTTP Server) can be discovered and monitored in EM12c. If an OHS is part of weblogic domain, it gets discovered during Weblogic Farm/domain discovery and monitoring automatically starts for that OHS. Details of metrics collected for an OHS that is part of weblogic domain can be found here.

However, if one has a standalone OHS. Its discovery and monitoring is bit different. Steps for discovering standalone OHS are given later in the article. One has to be aware that even after discovery of standalone OHS, all one gets is availability status metric for OHS. No other metrics are collected for standalone OHS.
Here are the steps to discover standalone OHS.

1. Go to Setup> Add Targets > Add Targets Manually
2. select Add Non-Host Targets by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties,
3. select Target Type as Oracle HTTP Server and the Monitoring Agent,
4. on the next page you will need to add the properties for OHS

Target Name - For example "Oracle_WT1"
Machine Name - fully qualified host name like ""
Oracle Home Path - /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_WT1
EM Target Type - oracle_apache
Port Number - 7777  (based on the opmnctl status -l  output ), 7777 is the default http port for OHS
Version of Apache Server - 2.2

There are many other mandatory fields, which are relevant only when OHS is registered with weblogic and can be ignored for standalone OHS discovery. So one can provide dummy values for them(e.g. "na"). These values are not used. Example is
given in following screenshot.

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