Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EM12c: How to install and integrate BI Publisher with OEM?

Note: With Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Release 2 (, Only BI EE, is supported while With Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Release 1 (, Only BI EE, is supported for use .
[BI Publisher or can be downloaded from]

BI Publisher installation and integration with EM is a two step process.
1. Do a software only install of BI Publisher
Install BIP using runInstaller binary and ensure to do software only install.

2. Integrate BIP with EM 12c
a. goto GCDomain dir. Take backup of this dir.
b. Goto $OMS_HOME i.e. $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oms/bin directory
c. run configureBIP
Provide 'sys', 'Admin Server user' and 'Node Manager' password.

On demand demo/screenwatch of entire install and integration process can be accessed from here

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

EM12c: How to create a J2EE Application Component in software library?

To create a J2EE Application component in Software library for provisioning purpose, follow given steps:

1. Select Enterprise menu->Provisioning and Patching->Software Library.

2. Assuming you have already create a folder. Select that folder. In this case,  'myJ2EEApps' folder has been already created. On Software library page. select Create Entity-> Component

3. Select Java EE Application and click Continue.

4. On the Create Java EE Application Wizard: Describe page,
enter the Name, Description, and click Next.

5. On next page, select Software library upload location and
Select archive file from local or an agent machine.

Wait till archive file gets uploaded.

6. On next Review page, review all details and click on Save and Upload button.

7. It will create the J2EE app entity and will submit a job to upload the archive in software library.

8. Once the J2EE App is created, It will look like as given below.

Now uploaded J2EE app can be used to deploy/redeploy during provisioning.

Note: For more details, pls refer