Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control Middleware Management Packs

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control comes with various management packs to manage different Middleware components and their performance. It includes:

a. Oracle WebLogic Server Management Pack [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/overview/ds-wls-mgmt-132529.pdf]
This pack helps in
– spanning application performance management,
- Configuration management,
- Service level management and
- Operations automation
– improves performance and availability of Java applications and web services, improves service by avoiding downtime, and reduces cost by automating manual and error-prone operations.

b. Oracle SOA Management Pack [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/overview/ds-soa-mgmt-pack-1-128301.pdf]
i) Oracle BPEL Process Manager
ii) Oracle Service Bus
iii) Oracle SOA Suite 11g
SOA Management Pack helps in
-Tracking and monitoring end-to-end business transactions across tiers
-Monitor the performance of SOA implementation technologies such as the Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus
-Integrated web service testing and synthetic transaction monitoring
-Integrated authoring, attachment, and monitoring of security policies
-Collection and analysis of SOA configuration information

c. WebCenter Suite Management Pack [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/overview/ds-camm-owebcentersuite-134498.pdf]
This pack helps in
-Monitoring WebCenter and WebLogic Portal applications via dashboards and drill-downs to root cause analysis
-Correlating WebCenter Services with underlying ADF Task Flows as well as underlying components
-Low overhead for 24/7 production monitoring
-No coding (or source code) needed
-Easy-to-read map of the WebCenter and WebLogic Portal application model-driven relationship views
-Automatic APM configuration determines what to monitor
-Auto-correlation ties every metric to high-end portal, transaction, and business functions
-Dynamic, auto-customized service-level dashboard allows any IT staff to manage performance

d. FMW Performance Management [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/ds-as-dp-130384.pdf]
i) JVM diagnostics (AD4J)
ii)Application Dependency and Performance (OCAMM)
iii) Request Monitoring

e. Oracle Identity Management Pack [http://download.oracle.com/technology/products/oem/identity_management_pack_gc11.pdf]
i) Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
ii) Oracle Identity Federation Server (OIF)
iii)Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
iv) Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
v) Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
vi) Directory Integration Platform Server
This pack has following features:
- Single-Step Discovery for both Oracle Identity Management 10g and Oracle Identity Management 11g components - Performance Monitoring: Proactively monitor your Oracle Identity Management environment from both systems & end-user perspectives.
- Configuration Management
- Service Level Management

f. Oracle Coherence Management Pack [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/coherence/ds-coherence-mgmt-1-130356.pdf]
This pack has following features:
-Complete cluster visibility
-Monitor cache performance, stability and load distribution on nodes
-Provision new cluster or nodes
-Start/stop nodes or entire cluster
-Support for event tracking, notifications, charts and historical metric trends
-Monitors the entire Coherence infrastructure including monitoring WebLogic Server, Coherence Cluster, and the database as a single system
-Real time propagation of configuration changes to a node, a cache, or an entire cluster
-Monitor caches used by WebLogic applications


Anil said...

how to monitor stand alone webtier 11g ? the older version of OAS 10.1.2 and its components was some what easier. We are really having hard time to find the similar thing in weblogic.

Anonymous said...

in grid control 11g you can monitor it like a weblogic domain.