Saturday, June 14, 2014

EM12c: How to upgrade JVMD Engine and JVMD agents in EM12cR4?

To upgrade JVMD Engine and JVMD agents. Pls. follow steps as given:

1.    Goto Setup->Middleware Management-> Application Performance Management

 2.    Select on triangle next to JVM Diagnostics Engines

3.    This page will show already installed JVM Diagnostics Engines.  Provide credentials for the host where JVMD Engine is running and also provide credential for the Weblogic Domain (EMGC Domain), of which JVMD manager is part of. Then click on Apply button in lower panel.

4.    One all credential have been applied. Click on Upgrade button on top panel.


 5.    It will ask for confirmation if you want to upgrade JVMD engine to newer version. Click OK.

6.    That will submit an EM Job to upgrade the JVMD Engine as shown below:


7.    JVMD Engine is up and running


8.    Similar way, we can upgrade JVMD agents using given steps. Select triangle icon against JVMD Agents Count:


9.    This will show agent Upgrade Wizard. Select Upgrade option. Select agents to be upgraded.


10.    Provide credentials for the Target weblogic domain where JVMD agents are deployed. And click on Apply button in lower panel.

11.    Then select Next button on top panel.


12.     Do a final review of all input and click on Upgrade button.


13.    It will submit following EM job

14.    Once the job is successful. You will see like given screenshot.


15.     Now you can go to JVMD UI and verify that JVMD Agents have started reporting to JVMD Engine and JVMD data is there.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

EM12c Release 4 ( or 12c PS3 Release with plugin and connector version info

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 has been announced today. It has lot of new capabilities for:
  • Cloud Mgmt
  • FMW mgmt
  • DB Mgmt etc.

EM12cR4 has following plugin versions:
  • Plugins added newly in PS3

  • Plugins that were shipped with PS2 or later

EM12cR4 has following connector versions:

For more details, pls refer here.