Monday, November 19, 2012

EM12c: How to deploy JVMD agent on weblogic 12c manually?

Assumption: User has EM12cR2 with FMW plugin

Simple option would be to deploy jamagent via Diagnostics Agent Deployment wizard. In case when deployment job fails for some reason then jamagent can be deployed manually. Instructions are given below.

1. Goto Setup Menu->Application Performance Management->Select JVM Diagnostics Engine->Click on Configure button as shown here

2. Select 'JVMs and Pools' tab on 'JVM Diagnostics Setup' page

3. Click on Download button

4. It will show you a Dialogue box that will list options to download JVMD Agent/DB Agent/JVMD Engine. Select JVMD Agent.

5. For a weblogic server, do provide the WLS server EM target name as Target Name and WLS Domain name as Pool Name. Click on Download button.

6. Download jamagent.war

7. Take this jamagent.war and deploy it via weblogic console UI.

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