Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EM12c: How to change Company logo in BI Publisher reports?

NOTE: please take backup of landscape.rtf and portrait.rtf before doing any modifications.

1. Login to BI Publisher with sysman credentials

2. Goto Home -> Catalog Folders -> Shared Folders -> Enterprise Manager Cloud Control -> EM_Subtemplates   In the right panel, we will see

      - landscape
      - portrait

3. Click on Edit link of landscape.

4. In the "Templates" section click on the link "English (United States)" and open it in MS Word.  The file name will be landscape.rtf.

5. Edit "Oracle Enterprise Manager" image in the top left corner with required company name image and save it with save name and file type (rtf).

6. In the "Templates" section click on upload icon.

   It will open popup
    Template Name :         Browse to the previously saved landscape.rtf
    Template Type :        rtf
    Locale :      English (United States)

7. Click OK

8. It will ask for confirmation to overwrite previous rtf file. Click OK.

9. Click on Save icon the top right corner.

10. Repeat the same steps for "portrait" format also (doc name will be portrait.rtf in this case).

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

EM12c: How to fix BIP "Login failed, please retry." error?

Issue: On machine reboot, when EM is started. BIP server doesn't start on its own. One has to specifically start the BI server.

When BIP server is started via script. EM user is not be able to login to BI server and see any BIP report.

and BIP server log contains following error(s):
Exception caught while getting credentials access denied
(  context=SYSTEM,mapName=EM,keyName=REPOS_DETAILS read) access denied
context=SYSTEM,mapName=EM,keyName=REPOS_DETAILS read)

EMReposLoginModuleImpl: throwing FailedLoginException: Authentication Failed: Invalid

Action: One should start/stop BI server either via weblogic admin console or via WLST commands e.g.

To start BIP serverexport

To stop BIP serverexport
shutdown('BIP', force='true')