Sunday, July 03, 2011

EMGC11: JVMD Manager is deployed successfully, but UI shows manager as inactive

JVMD manager is deployed successfully.  JVMD Manager log shows that native library
is loaded. Manager get registered with EMDB. One can see that manager appears
on UI under JVM Dignostics->Setup->JVMs & Managers tab. But manager status is
shown as inactive. No data appears for any of the JVMs.

Cause: In case of JVMD, data interaction happens in two directions:
1. From JVMD manager to agent and vice versa via socket communication.
2. For real time data, EMUI calls JVMD manager via t3 calls.
Somewhere 2nd communication is broke.

Action: In case if OMS and JVMD manager are deployed on different machines
where there is a firewall between the two. Do check if t3 port is accessible
from JVMD manager machine to OMS machine. One can find related information under
emoms.log also.

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