Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EMGC 11g - What is Support WorkBench for FMW?

Support Workbench is a feature where, on identification of a problem, targeted diagnostics data is dumped in a well-known format and location, for further analysis by administrators, Oracle Support and development. In case of Support Workbench for FMW, this feature works for Weblogic Server Targets.

Support Workbench depends on:• JRF and incidence creation need to be enabled on Target WLS.
• a local EM agent is required on the host where target WebLogic server is running.

To use Support Workbench, pl. follow given steps:
a. Click on WLS target name where you see alerts
b. On WLS home page, click on ‘WebLogic Server’ drop down and select ‘Support Workbench’ or click on ‘Support Workbench Incidents’ as given in screenshot

c. This will take you to Support Workbench Page as given below.

d. Now if you click on incident number, it will ask for Weblogic credentials and host credentials.
e. On providing credentials, it will take you to another page where it will show various files that have been collected as part of this incident. You can view the various files and analyze them.

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