Friday, April 29, 2011

ADP agents in PROVIDER_FOUND status

There were quite a few adp agents in PROVIDER_FOUND status. Some agents in REPORTING status. But these agents with PROVIDER_FOUND  never changed status.  r logs
I did not see any error message in ADP manager logs.

ADP agent log had following error:
...,AcseraJavaAgentListener,JavaAgent,post-provider: mem used = 49.848 MB, free = 505.464 MB, total = 555.313 MB, max = 986.125 MB
...,AcseraJavaAgentListener,JavaAgent,awaiting AcseraJavaProvider: Connection refused to host: x.x.x.x; nested exception is: Connection timed out
...,AcseraJavaAgentListener,JavaAgent,mem used = 34.117 MB, free = 521.196 MB, total = 555.313 MB, max = 986.125 MB

What does PROVIDER_FOUND status mean ?
It means that ADP Agent has found ADP Manager's RMI Registry entry, but not yet established connection.

Action: In this case, one is suggested to verify if the manager RMI ports (especially RMI.JavaProvider.ServerPort) are accessible from ADP agent machine.
Remember for each resource in ADP, a separate RMI.JavaProvider.ServerPort is needed and should be accessible.

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