Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) - Moniforce

RUEI stands for Real User Experience Insight. RUEI can help organizations to understand the real end user experiences, identify issues and fix them before they cause losses.

RUEI works on Network Protocol Analysis (NPA) technology. It doesn't require any modification, changes or instrumentation in application. Because of it's passive monitoring approach, it's an ideal solution in production env.

RUEI is based on 3 layered architecture:
1. Data Collector
2. Data Processor
3. Data Presenter

1. Data collector
is responsible for collecting raw data and pass it as input to Data processor.  Data can be collected either via SPAN port or Network Tap.

2. Data Processor
is responsible for processing the raw data into proper OLAP datasets. It gets all URLs (webpages) and categorizes them based on application. These applications are defined and configured with RUEI.

3. Data Presenter
It's a J2EE based web application. That analyses and reports the data. Reports can be created on following criteria:
a. Time Period (year, month, week, day, hour, min)
b. client (country, provider, provider network, city, client IP)
c. server (IP address)
d. URL ( site, website, name, POST & GET arguments)
e. Page (application, group, page)
f. Customer name

RUEI 6.5 has been integrated with JVM Diagnostics(AD4J), Application Dependency and Performance (ADP/OCAMM) and Request Monitoring.

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Racheli T said...

You might want to checkout this blog where product manager Jurgen de Leijer discusses Oracle RUEI for Oracle Forms 11g R2 and EBS