Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oracle Composite Application Monitor and Modeler (OCAMM - ADP) with EMGC11g

Started with name Acsera Manager , renamed as ClearApp, later named as OCAMM (Oracle Composite Application Monitor and Modeler) and now it's known as ADP (Application Dependency and Performance).

ADP (OCAMM) is a solution in Application Service Management(ASM) area. It understands the Java, J2EE, SOA, OSB and Portal applications. ADP(OCAMM) can:
- discover components
- analyze components in depth
- capture complex relationships between services, components & run-time environments (i.e. JVMs)
-dynamically adjust to relationship changes
- take into account required application services (i.e. SOA, BPEL, OSB, portal, web services etc.), facilities (i.e. performance monitoring, root-cause analysis, etc.) and platforms (i.e. WebLogic, Websphere, OC4J etc.)

ADP is supported on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HPUX and AIX platforms.

ADP needs database for repository. It supports Oracle and My SQL as its repository.

ADP has been integrated with EMGC 11g.

ADP in EMGC 11g has following components:
  1. UI - ADP Pages to display ADP data
  2. Manager - ADP Manager is the core analytical engine of the ADP ASM system. In real-time, ADP Manager performs complex mathematical modeling and statistical calculations with summarized data from all ADP Java Agents.
  3. Java Agent - ADP Java Agents are the data collectors of the ADP ASM system. ADP Java Agents are deployed to all managed application servers to perform a series of tasks including collecting performance managements, tracking contextual relationships, and summarizing data in real-time while introducing as little overhead as possible. At the expiration of the predefined aggregation interval, these agents forward the summarized data to ADP for additional analysis. For various Java EE platforms such as Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere, ADP leverages their deployment infrastructures to quickly deploy the ADP Java Agents to all application servers.
  4.   Database - ADP stores its analyzed data and application models in the Management Repository. There is a separate schema for ADP in the Management Repository and this schema is external to the ADP installation.
One can learn more about ADP(OCAMM) at


Anonymous said...

I am new to the Monitoring/Admin side of weblogic and was exploring the OEM Grid console and CAMM solutions. Aren't both of these similar solutions providing same kind of monitoring capabilities?

Also in an environment which has both OEM and CAMM installed, is there a si ngle place where all monitoring can be focused rather than having 2 UIs like the CAMM UI as well as Grid Console UI.

Neelima Bawa said...

OCAMM is standalone installation and had some features. When OCAMM got integrated with OEM 11g, certain enhancements were made in the product and the new feature is called ADP.