Monday, February 07, 2011

Target Weblogic Server shows status down in OEM even though server is Up.

Weblogic Server has been discovered and added. It's up but in Grid Control UI, status shows down and emagentfetchlet.log shows following error:
Error encountered after accessing the mbean(java.lang:type=Runtime) for metric weblogic_j2eeserver:jvm_runtime from server:service:jmx:t3://:/jndi/ java.lang:type=Runtime Cause: null

Then :
1. Verify that Target Weblogic Server Domain->Advance seetings should contain Platform MBean Server Enabled.
2. Restart Weblogic Server
3. Try refreshing WLS Domain
4. If nothing works try deleting and adding Weblogic target.


Anonymous said...

My 11g server showing state red (down) in Enterprise Manager even though my server is working and properly deploying.

Please help asap.

Neelima Bawa said...

You can do few basic checks like:
1. agent is working fine
2. agent-oms communication is taking place succeffully.
3. Do check agent logs for any errors.
4. If all of above are fine, I would suggest file a Support Request with Oracle to get additional support.