Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to compare heaps using JVM Diagnostics?

When you suspect there might be some memory leak might be happening in Java/J2EE app. Heap comparision feature would require you to dump two heaps for same JVM over a period of time.  One needs to follow given steps to compare two heaps:
1. Goto Targets->Middleware->JVM Diagnostics page
2. Select target JVM on left Panel
3. Select JVM Menu->Heap->Take Snapshot Now as given in screen shot.

This command would generate a heapdump file on target m/c where JVM is running.
Heapdump filename would be given in next screen and it would be like
/tmp/heapdump<N>.txt .(Default directory for a JVM is /tmp or C:\tmp)

4. Similar way, take another heap snapshot.
5. One you have two heapdump files on target JVM machine. ftp these files to or EM repository machine.
6. Download from Targets->Middleware->JVM Diagnostics->Setup->Download page. Unzip, it contains various scripts including :, scripts etc.
7. Create JVMDIAG user using script.
Note: Use
8. Load these heapdump files to EM repository as JVMDIAG user using <heapdump_filename>
Once both the files are loaded successfully.
9. Goto Targets->Middleware->JVM Diagnostics. Select Pool/JVM->Heap->Saved Heap Snapshots on right panel.

It will give list of loaded heaps in EM repository.

10. Select one heap using % column.
11. Click on 'Compare Heaps' on blue ribbon
12. Select second heap using same % column
13. You can see heap comparison as given screen shots.
14. Click on View Summary to get summary details.


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