Friday, January 21, 2011

How to add SOA Server (any FMW) Target in EMGC 11g?

Steps for discovering SOA (any FMW) target:
1.      Log into Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
2.      Goto Targets -> Middleware tab.
3.      Select Oracle Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain from the Add menu on top right drop down of page, then click Go.
4.      Enter the hostname of the WLS Admin Server of SOA domain for the domain in the Admin Server Host field. e.g.
5.      Enter the WebLogic Admin Server port. Default value is 7001.
6.      Enter the WebLogic Admin Server username and password.
7.      Select or specify the hostname and port of the EM Agent that will monitor the domain. For EMGC 11g,  11.1 EM Agent is needed.
8.      Specify a Unique Domain Identifier. This value is used as a prefix to ensure farm names are unique in environments with the same domain name. By default, the name "Farm", followed by a two-digit number, such as, "Farm01" appears.
9.      Optionally provide the Java Management Extensions (JMX) Service URL that will be used to establish a JMX connection to the WebLogic Admin Server. For example:
        If no value is provided, EM will use the Service URL based on the host port and protocol.
10.    Click Continue. EM will discover all FMW targets within given domain.
11.    Click Close in the Finding Targets page to automatically assign EM Agents to the discovered targets.
       The Assign Agents page lists all the discovered FMW targets and the EM Agent assigned to each of them. Agents are automatically assigned as per following rule:
          *    If a local EM Agent is found on the domain host, that EM Agent will be assigned.
          *    If a local EM Agent cannot be found, the EM Agent specified in the Targets page will be assigned.
       Note: that one can also manually assign EMAgents to specific targets, if desired.

14.    Click Add Targets to assign Management Agents as listed in the Assign Agents page.
       The Saving Target to Agent processing page appears, indicating how many total targets have been added and successfully saved. It will also indicate the numbers of targets that were unsuccessfully added.
15.    Click Close when finished. The Results page displays the discovered targets and EM Agent assignments.
16.    Click OK when finished. There might be some delay before discovered FMW targets are visible and monitored.  
Note: Pl. ensure that all the EM agents used for monitoring the targets must be up and running.

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anil said...

Looks like you are real expert in enterprise manager
1. how to increase number of samples in a minute ?( Specific to Domain with em that is configured through grid)
2. how to save the samples in database.( not to loose any collected in atleast last 7 days, Specific to Domain that is configured through grid )