Monday, February 18, 2013

EM12c: How to setup MWaaS? - Part I

In next few articles, we will learn to setup MWaaS.

In this article, we will just learn about the concept of MWaaS and its pre-requisites.

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Middleware delivers capabilities spanning the entire Middleware cloud lifecycle. 
It lets Cloud administrators identify pooled resources, configure role-based access, define the service catalog, and the related chargeback plans. 
It allows Cloud users to request middleware services, and consume them on-demand. 
It also allows for users to scale-up and down their platforms to adapt to changes in workload. 
Deploy/undeploy/redeploy applications, create data sources and monitor these applications. 
Finally, it lets both parties to understand the costs of the service delivered, and establish accountability for consumption of resources. 

Prerequisite for MWaaS:
1.       EM12cR2 along with EM repository 

2.       Plugin Requirements
-Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization
-Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud Application
-Enterprise Manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware
-Enterprise Manager for Chargeback and Capacity Planning

3.       Target machines:One
Note: WLS Provisioning would be done using OOB WLS profile. 

4.       For WLS provisioning using OOB profile, we require Fusion Middleware (WLS 10.3.6) with JRF enabled and that can be done using following either Webcenter or SOA installers. 


5.       On target machine, we need to have Middleware Home installed. It can be installed using wls 10.3.6 generic installer and webcenter/soa installer as mentioned in step 4. This Middleware Home should be a software only install. No weblogic instance should be created on this MW home.

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