Friday, December 17, 2010

How to configure the jvm diagnostics for Weblogic in EMGC11g

As I explained in my previous post, steps for configuring JVM Diagnostics with EMGC 11g are very much same. Only additional step for WebLogic Server is to discover WebLogic Domain and Servers and then deploy jamagent on discovered WLS targets.
To discover WebLogic Domain, goto Targets->Middleware-> Add 'Oracle Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain'. It will take you to WebLogic Server discovery page where you need provide details like:
·         WLS Admin Server hostname
·         Port
·         WLS username
·         WLS username passwd
·         Unique Domain Identifier
·         Agent - with which you would like to discover WLS domain. One can use remote agent for WLS discovery but with remote agent some of the WLS monitoring is limited.

One the WebLogic domain has discovered and all needed targets have been added.
One can go to WebLogic Server Target, goto Weblogic Domain HomePage, click on Domain menu->Select JVM Diagnostics->Deploy Agent option
With Deploy Agent page, one can deploy jamagent on selected WLS targets.
Note: Ensure that 'Select Monitoring' checkbox is selected, so that one agent is deployed, monitoring can be started.

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